Jonathan Varkul
Jonathan Varkul

Your problem may not be what you think it is.

The world has gotten noisier. Too much information makes it harder to discern between what’s relevant and irrelevant.

I help you cut through the noise and solve the right problem. My coaching, training and workshops build on both new and familiar brain science—for a unique experience that turns problem solving inside out.

Jonathan has an astounding ability to bring clarity to almost any sphere of life. He is a gifted listener and is able to cut to the heart of ‘what is really going on’ in an instant. In a year of working with Jon, he has never once told me what to do, but he helps me discover the way forward on my own. He is without question, the most insightful person I have ever known, and has made an enormous impact in my life, both personally and professionally.

One-on-One Coaching

executives, managers, individuals

  • Individualized support for priority challenges.

  • Bring the most stubborn and persistent problems.

  • Choose the frequency and duration.

  • Choose if anyone else is involved.

  • Typically 8 to 15 sessions over 6 months to a year.


Group PRoblem-Solving

full-day sessions for 6-8 people

  • Address a challenge being faced by the group.

  • Clarify the real problem/challenge.

  • Reveal and connect relevant pieces of information.

  • Find a solution everyone believes in.

  • Understand and work more powerfully with each other.


Training & Development

half/full-day workshops OR 6-week program

  • Learn the different ways our brain processes information.

  • Learn techniques to discern relevant from irrelevant information.

  • Learn to use the brain differently in problem-solving.

  • Practice in real time with real life challenges.


Since 2009, I have provided executive coaching, group problem-solving, and team training to over a dozen industries, over 30 companies, and many hundreds of individuals.

I am, and have always been, both conventional and unconventional. Before becoming an executive coach, I spent years growing companies as a very conventional CPA and corporate consultant. Also, during this time, I spent many years studying yoga, meditation and the power of the body-mind connection.

In the corporate world, I learned all about the mental noise of high-stakes business. In an Indian Yoga Shala, I learned all about the noise on the surface of everyday life.

Through years of study and client work, I have become an expert in noise and clarity and have developed a new and proven problem-solving methodology for the challenges of our times.

Jonathan worked with each of my senior management team, helping them gain clarity as to their positions and their purpose within our company. The result has been a more inspired, focused and productive team with a positive impact to our bottom line.
— Jason Mausberg / President, IDS Scheer Canada