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It’s time to change how we solve problems.

The world is getting noisier. Too much information is making it harder to discern between what’s relevant and irrelevant. In all the noise, we have become disconnected from our innate capacity to find clarity.



Here are some problems we can solve together.

Finding clarity amid the noise is the problem-solving skill of our time. It involves practicing some tried-and-true techniques and breaking some cognitive and emotional habits. But it’s not all on you. I can teach you this new skill and at the same time support you in addressing your high-priority problems. Here are some challenges you can overcome.

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Leadership Barriers

Unclear path to next-level leadership.
Lack of purpose/inspiration.
Self-doubt & fear of failure.

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Team Dysfunction

Interpersonal conflict.
Ambiguous group focus.
Limited action/outcomes.

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Organizational Stalemates

Failing strategies.
Competing agendas.
Weak engagement.

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Situational Overwhelm

Project complexity.
Pressure to succeed.
Tight deadlines.

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Mental Health Challenges


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Identity Issues

Priorities in question.
Career/lifestyle in flux.
Needing clarity for big changes.

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Jonathan shows you how to bring clarity to almost any sphere of life.
— Dale Storey, President / General Mills Canada
What a gift for me to be able to see through the noise and have significant impact on large, unwieldy challenges.
— Vanessa LeBourdais / Founder, DreamRider Productions