Jonathan Varkul
Jonathan Varkul

Here’s what others have to say.

“Jonathan has an astounding ability to bring clarity to almost any sphere of life. He is a gifted listener and is able to cut to the heart of ‘what is really going on’ in an instant. Once he understands an issue, he takes an approach of gently guiding you to the solution and key insights. In a year of working with Jon, he has never once told me what to do, but he helps me discover the way forward on my own. He is without question, the most insightful person I have ever known, and has made an enormous impact in my life, both personally and professionally.”

— Dale Storey / President, General Mills Canada

“Jonathan’s executive coaching has proven invaluable for me over the last year and a half in enabling me to increase my performance and impact as a leader within our organization. He is down to earth, patient, understanding and insightful with remarkable instincts and knowledge that has helped me address both leadership development challenges as well as specific operational or strategic challenges. He is incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions which helps me see things from different perspectives and he has guided me to explore issues in a much deeper and more meaningful way – ultimately uncovering root causes and revealing creative approaches to addressing challenges I am facing. I am truly thankful for all he has done this past year in assisting me – I know that I’m better for it.”

— Paul Hammond / Vice President Human Resources, Electrical Safety Authority

“At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre we believe in investing in our talent and we believe we have a responsibility to professionally develop and nurture our leaders who will be the ones to build and guide our future. Jonathan and his expertise in coaching and leadership development has been instrumental in providing one-on-one coaching to our emerging and advanced leaders. We have enjoyed the benefits of Jonathan’s expertise for many years, and our leaders speak highly of the partnership they feel with Jonathan as they grow and develop their leadership capacity and skills.”

— Marilyn Reddick / Vice President, Human Resources & Org. Development & Leadership Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

“Jonathan was able to firmly guide our group to a clear vision and set of objectives. He did so without biasing our discussions or intruding as a third party. That to me, showed remarkable skill and instinct.”

— Gemini Waghmare / Vice President, Client Business Executive AMDOCS

“There is something incredibly unique about Jonathan’s ability to truly hear what underlies the challenges you are facing. Having Jonathan listen and guide both myself and my team at such a profound level has intimately connected us to our purpose and value, significantly shifted our collective performance and led to a much higher level of overall personal satisfaction.”

— Jennifer Williams / CEO, La Siembra Co-operative

“Jonathan has been absolutely instrumental in helping me make a significant step forward in my career and coaching me through the transition once it occurred. He has an incredible ability to understand a seemingly complex situation and to strip it down to its most basic elements. Through his guidance, I have been able to gain greater clarity into the challenges facing me and more importantly, how best to address them. Above all, he is a very caring individual and a pleasure to work with.”

— Steve Arkevald / VP Supply Chain and Market Insight, Spin Master Ltd.

“Working with Jonathan has been invaluable in helping me to show up successfully as a wife, mother and CEO of a rapidly growing organization. Through his coaching, I am significantly more able to discern between symptomatic, distracting issues and things I really need to be focused on. Jonathan is uncannily able to help me clear away the stories and drama around multiple, concurrent, complex events, and clarify what is really the core issue at hand. What a gift, for me to be able to see through the noise and connect with the easy to manage leverage points that have significant impact on large, unwieldy challenges. Honestly, I do not know how I could have survived this incredibly intense year without him! Regardless of the state I arrive in, I leave our sessions with a deep sense of my own mastery and confidence to face whatever is ahead – with the awareness and practices I need to stay that way. One of the most gifted and exceptional people I’ve ever met; I feel tremendously lucky to have the fortune to work with him.”

— Vanessa LeBourdais / Founder, Executive Producer & Creative Lead, DreamRider Productions

“Jonathan worked with each of my senior management team, helping them gain clarity as to their positions and their purpose within our company. The result has been a more inspired, focused and productive team with a positive impact to our bottom line.”

— Jason Mausberg / President, IDS Scheer Canada

“In a short period of time, Jonathan helped our staff connect with our collective vision, identifying their strengths and challenges. He has a genuine knack for listening closely to the words of others and really hearing what they really mean to say.”

— Mitch Parker / Principal & Clinical Director, Zareinu Educational Centre

“Jonathan has an amazing ability to sift through a lot of information and separate the crucial issues from the “noise”. He patiently listens to your perspective but then helps you peel that back further to provide you with a better understanding of the challenge you are facing. You will know when that “aha” moment hits.”

— Jason Katz / Personal Injury Lawyer, Singer Kwinter Personal Injury Lawyers

“Jonathan brings a unique combination of strategic business thinking and emotional intelligence. He helped my team to connect with the why of what we do, and in doing so, laid the groundwork for a breakthrough in communication, collaboration and business growth.”

— Michael Shapiro / Founder and CEO, A Ketubah Ketubah Company

“I have had the privilege of working with Jonathan, who for many years has had a high impact coaching a wide variety of people at Spin Master, both with respect to their level and the diversity of their challenges.

He has a gift for connecting with people instantly and for putting them at ease. His focus is on providing clarity rather than the classic goal setting and accountability-based approach and based on his results I actively refer him to others.”

— Anton Rabie / Chairman & Co-CEO, Spin Master Corp.

“I heartily recommend Jonathan as an executive coach. He is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. It is no surprise to me that he is exceedingly successful at his craft.

I started working with Jonathan as I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my contributions at work. He helped me think through a career change- most importantly challenging the assumptions and fears that were blocking my way forward.

Working with Jonathan is a unique experience; great questions, shared experiences, and meaningful observations of the human experience. There are never any notes; just hand drawn pictures that I often find so compelling that I photograph for future reflection.

It is often said that the true work of coaching occurs in between the sessions. This is very true with Jonathan. Early on I developed the discipline to book individual time to reflect on our conversations. I am often struck by the broader applicability of the learnings.

And the results speak for themselves- I changed careers and am more engaged than I have been in several years. I am now contributing in a way that ‘feels right’. I may have made this transition without Jonathan’s help but it would have been more difficult and taken much longer. I owe Jonathan my thanks.”

— Dave Kirkconnell / Vice President, Organizational Development & ESA Training Solutions Electrical Safety Authority