One-on-One Coaching

executives, managers, individuals

  • Individualized support for priority challenges.

  • Bring the most stubborn and persistent problems.

  • Choose the frequency and duration.

  • Choose if anyone else is involved.

  • Typically 8 to 15 sessions over 6 months to a year.


Group PRoblem-Solving

full-day sessions for 6-8 people

  • Address a challenge being faced by the group.

  • Clarify the real problem/challenge.

  • Reveal and connect relevant pieces of information.

  • Find a solution everyone believes in.

  • Understand and work more powerfully with each other.


Training & Development

half/full-day workshops OR 6-week program

  • Learn the different ways our brain processes information.

  • Learn techniques to discern relevant from irrelevant information.

  • Learn to use the brain differently in problem-solving.

  • Practice in real time with real life challenges.