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Hi, I’m Jonathan Varkul.

X-Corporate Executive. Intellectual Free-Spirit. Professional Problem Solver.


My problem-solving approach arose from my experiences as a senior corporate executive and from my preoccupation with how we use our minds.

The evolution of ideas led to adventures in philosophy, psychology, poetry, yoga, science and the mystic branches of many religions. But ultimately it led me back to everyday life and to how our minds are responding to this noisy world we now inhabit.

In this world, we have no problem being busy—or clever. What we are losing is the clarity that enables us to be wise.

The potential for clarity and wisdom lives in each of us. If we access it, it changes how we define and solve our greatest obstacles.

Since 2009, I have provided executive coaching, group problem solving, and training workshops to over 30 different companies in over a dozen different industries, as well as supported many hundreds of individual clients.

My work is about enabling you to solve the right problem with the best solution by helping you filter out noise that could lead you down the wrong path. It’s more than just an intellectual exercise. It’s a full-bodied engagement with yourself and your challenges to reveal what’s in your way—and what you already know.

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