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3 ways to transform how you solve problems

We can’t pause life to learn new ways to solve problems. Here are ways to address pressing issues, while getting exposure to new problem solving skills at the depth you desire.



Jonathan has an incredible ability to truly hear what underlies the challenges you are facing.
— Jennifer Williams / CEO, La Siembra Co-operative
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A Premium Offering

Ongoing support with persistent problems PLUS training in new problem-solving techniques.

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For Individuals

· Stuck or at a crossroads
· Struggling with a challenge
· Needing to do things differently

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Deep Engagement

8 - 15 sessions
For 6 months to 1 year
Personalized session to session

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Clarity & Direction

· Overcome personal roadblocks
· Breakthrough false ceilings
· Find a new MO that works


Have a group challenge that’s top priority ?



You will know when that ‘aha’ moment hits.
— Jason Katz / Personal Injury Lawyer, Singer Katz Personal Injury Lawyers
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Your Problem Solved

A facilitated process for getting to the heart of your most pressing problem.


For Teams

· A problem to solve
· No clear way forward
· Competing ideas and perspectives
· Pressure to find the right solution


Focused & Responsive

1-day problem-solving session
3-hour follow-up integration session (optional)

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New Team Dynamics

· Discard what’s irrelevant
· Tune into each other’s wisdom
· Save time and resources
· Improve outcomes


Want to build your team’s skills?



Jonathan’s expertise has been instrumental to our emerging and advanced leaders.
— Marilyn Reddick / Vice President, Human Resources & Org. Development & Leadership, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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Skills for Every Day

Gain the long-term capacity to operate effectively amid the daily noise.


For Small Groups

With …
· Great impact and influence
· Aspirations to lead differently
· Complex and stubborn problems


Paced to Suit

1-day interactive group training session
1 to 6 follow-up integration sessions (optional)


Evolutionary Change

Create a new problem-solving culture for optimal performance.


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